What We Do


Fields of Engagement

  1. Business Scenario and Strategy Development Support

  2. Business Models

  3. Support for Business Proposals - writing and presenting

  4. Organisational Change Management using current thinking in complex network theory

  5. Modeling of complex socio-technical systems

  6. Analysis and synthesis using modeling and simulation techniques

  7. Systems Analysis and Requirements Definition - Complex and Cognitive Systems Engineering approaches

  8. Risk Analysis and Abatement Plans

  9. Project Management

  10. Technical Writing and Presentations

  11. Course material development and presentation

  12. Seminars on effective written and oral communication

Examples of Application

  1. Understanding the changing scenarios in the world using non-quantitative models

  2. A new personal career strategy

  3. Developing a logically consistent business strategy and plan, including the change management that may be required

  4. Developing your business expansion model and taking into account the cultural sensitivities of your new partners

  5. Understanding the physical risks and hazards in your company and ways to deal with it

  6. Scoping a new business opportunity