Solving Problems


Recently Completed

  1. Risk Assessment methodology for an advanced prototype smelter - Exxaro South Africa

  2. Event and Fault Tree analysis - Exxaro South Africa

  3. Business model development for CSIR Optronics Systems, South Africa

  4. Design of sampling experiment for a client in the diamond mining industry in South Africa in collaboration with BlueStallion Technologies

  5. Module on Organisational Change Management for Otago University: School of Business  - Executive Education

  6. Technical paper on capability development methods with CSIR DPSS South Africa.  Accepted for publication

In Progress

  1. Seminar module on the future of military experimentation using modeling and simulation for the South African Army

  2. Seminar on effective technical writing and presentation for Melrose Training in Johannesburg, South Africa

  3. Technical paper co-author on Cognitive System Engineering approaches  to Situation Awareness in Command and Control, CSIR South Africa

  4. Time management course - client in Saudi Arabia

  5. System requirements definition for a novel fire detection system in New Zealand

In the pipeline

  1. Module in a course on Complex and Cognitive System Engineering: the use of modeling and simulation techniques