About Us

Smart approaches to complex problems

d in Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand, we have been operating since 2010.  Here we have access to the excellent University of Otago and world class information technology infrastructure and services.

In pace with the modern trends in information based companies, we rely on our vast network of contacts all over the world to bring insight and expertise to the solutions we offer. 

Our approach is to find and use the tools and methods commensurate with the problem space we face.  Our  vast experience in problem solving allows us to tackle your unique problem with confidence. And with our practical knowledge of business, we can support you with the development of important business proposals and presentations.

Recent contracts include work in the areas of industrial and manufacturing risk assessment, strategy development, business model evaluation and development, organisational change management and contributing to a few technical papers in the field of system engineering and capability development at the level of system-of-systems.  A seminar on writing and presenting technical content for a company in Johannesburg, South Africa is under development and a course on Time Management is in development for an organisation in Saudi Arabia. 

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